Yoga, Tribe and Culture Philosophy
Sharing a love of yoga, art and fashion, Carmena Su and James Wvinner founded Yoga, Tribe and Culture in 2004. Their dream was to create a line of clothing and media products that was hip and authentic while using consciously sourced materials.
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Yoga, Tribe and Culture arose out of living in this day and age – to make sense of our identity consciously (or not) by the way we dress, what and who we listen to and where we devote our energy. Yoga means Union – it is a worldwide spiritual and physical practice but you don’t have to have a yoga mat or go to a yoga class to practice yoga. Skaters, surfers, dancers, knitters, musicians, couch potatoes can all be great yogis. Our goal at Yoga, Tribe and Culture is to speak to the urban yogi, combining ancient yogic concepts and intentions with a strong, modern, bold design.

Ideally a yogi is someone who is engaged with the world and who dedicates their practice to the betterment of others. With that in mind, Yoga, Tribe and Culture is committed to supporting different causes by creating limited edition designs, the portion of sales from these designs goes directly to these hardworking organizations.
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