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Love, Surrender, Peace, Forgiveness - Meditation By Julian Walker

I took Julian Walker’s class for the first time at Santa Monica Yoga a couple of weeks ago and had an enjoyable and memorable class. It struck me almost as ‘yogic theater’ with each person encouraged to embark on their own journey in a warm and loving atmosphere. Julian is not only a gifted teacher and body worker (with a killer playlist!) but has some real wisdom to share, honed in his own practice. Here is a fantastic meditation: ‘Love, Surrender, Peace, Forgiveness’. Enjoy and take a mini-retreat right at your desk. Carmena.


This is a”resourcing” meditation that shifts brain and nervous system, opening emotional awareness, well-being and a sense of deep letting go… The more we cultivate resources that are grounded in our real inner and outer lives, the more we can both a) do the shadow-work of turning to face what we are afraid of or have denied, avoided, judged, rationalized in the name of first stage spirituality and b) we can let go of the ungrounded fantasy resources that do not serve us as we move into a second stage or next level integrated spirituality…

Hmmmmm… doesn’t that feel good! If you want to fully rest and rejuvenate, Julian is leading an Earth and Sky Retreat October 8-11 2009 at the gorgeous Casa Beranca in Ojai, California. With deep, flowing yoga classes, meditation, Ecstatic Dance and other practices (and my favorite, lounging in Nature), this is not to be missed. Spaces are limited so treat yourself and book now!


The Flowering of Consciousness - Behind our new Spring Collection

Our mission with our clothing is to never create a boring design that unfortunately is all too common out there in the yoga/’spiritual’ world. Chakra tees… yawn! Uplifting phrases by themselves in a cute font…BORING! (and a prime example of lazy design.) With this collection we are inspired by people finally waking up on a mass scale. Sure, it took a major economic global contraction caused by major greed and misinformation. The debt mindset that somehow is rewarded in American society and how we do business. We could go on. But lets talk about the clothes themselves. They are in a word, ‘killer’. We have dresses this season that are beautiful and fluid and yes, sexy in supple bamboo and organic cotton. (The Kimberly Racer Tank Dress) A new style of tank top that not only shows off your back and shoulders with elegance but brings joy and a smile with the front and back graphics. (The Nadine Tuck Tank) Plus a cute, slouchy jacket that will make you want to crop off your hair so you can be like Jean Seberg in ‘Breathless’.

I see most people walking around realizing only a fraction of their potential, like partially opened flower buds. So with what is going on right now, people are being called on to evolve on all levels. The fresh, jewel like colors and smooth, supple textures of organic pima cotton and bamboo reminded us of flower petals. As we are a graphically driven line, we’re always on the look-out for inspiration in language. Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga master,who came to the West in the early ’70’s, was one of the great teachers who really saw what was going on with the West’s hunger for meaning and experience outside of ‘normal’ experience. He had a list of phrases called ‘Sutras for the Aquarian Age’.

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